Toyota Tsusho Thai Holdings Co., Ltd. (TTTH) joins hands with a strategic Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony with ATP30 to develop technology. Enhance Smart Mobility model for sustainable growth.


On February 24, 2021, Toyota Tsusho Thai Holdings Co., Ltd. (TTTH) signed an agreement with ATP30 acquiring a share of 9.53%, valued at 64,350,000 baht. The propose to become a strategic partner and invest in technology to develop the vehicle management system, Smart Mobility model as well as expand the market share and expertise related to logistics. This collaboration will be increased the company’s strengthen for sustainable growth in the future.

TTTH is a solid financial position and investment potential. An expert in business operate which services, trading and retailing in Thailand and Worldwide. It also has a network of businesses involved in ATP30's current and future operations.

In this collaboration, TTTH will bring knowledge, technology and ability including experiences to increase business expanding. Enhancing an opportunities growth in services and benefits of shareholders including good business alliances in the future together.